There are many paths to spiritual awakening.

We believe that all are connected and informed by the underlying unity of all life. The Beads on One String offers opportunities to learn, explore, and celebrate this unity. These shared experiences invite companionship which helps us navigate our individual paths.

What We Do

Beads on One String offers a creative exploration into the underlying themes that pervade spiritual disciplines, philosophy, art, science, music, and religion. We seek to bridge separateness and, recognizing daily life as our teacher, explore how Oneness can be experienced and integrated within it, so that we create a practical and grounded approach to living a spiritual life.

In this endeavour, the Beads Foundation facilitates activities that explore and investigate inner life. These include local and international seminars, pilgrimages and workshops, as well as publishing spiritual literature through Companion Books. It offers grants and scholarships to individuals and groups engaged in work, study, or projects relating to the unity of all life. We also shine a spotlight on individuals and organisations actively working towards this goal.

Our intention is to offer opportunities to gather in companionship – expressing individuality, celebrating diversity – so that we can focus on Oneness while practicing empathy and mutual respect. As such, our work translates into participation-centred events which call upon an individual’s creativity to surprise and delight. So that questions, rather than statements are presented from the basis of ‘not-knowing’ – a tool to discover perspectives and insight.

Our Inspiration

The Beads on One String is inspired by the life of Avatar Meher Baba and welcomes the wisdom of other traditions. Please explore our website to learn more about what we do, where and how we do it. We welcome you and invite you to join us as we collectively aspire toward a fresh vision and narrative of the experience of Oneness.

Our Mission

Beads on One String is a non-profit organization dedicated to the exploration of the unity of all life and whose abiding interest is in humanity’s common endeavor to understand, experience, and creatively express the Oneness that lies at the heart of all.

This search is independent of existing traditions yet actively appreciates and connects people from all religions, backgrounds and cultures, sacred and secular.

We intend through education, pilgrimage, film and media, arts, sciences, and companionship to invite opportunities to explore and experience this unity.


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