Beads on One String provides grants, scholarships, and fellowships for the following purposes:
  • Education
  • Spiritual Pilgrimage
  • Spiritual Work / Study
The principal focus of the Scholarships Program is to seek candidates who are “motivated by spiritual values,” and work to foster fellowship and unity through their studies. All grants range from $500-$2,000 and are meant to be supplementary. The following are examples of specific scholarships:
  • Spiritual Pilgrimage: Assist individuals seeking to participate in a Religious or Spiritual pilgrimage to renowned holy sites within the intent of the Beads on One String mission statement.
  • Spiritual Work / Study: Assist individuals that seek to volunteer full time at a monastery, ashram, church, mosque, temple or place dedicated to spiritual or religious devotion who are doing so consistent with the goals described in the Beads on One String mission statement.
  • Education: Secular, religious, or spiritual education consistent with Beads on One String mission statement.


Grants and scholarships are open to all individuals around the world regardless of sex, age, color, nationality or religious background. While the program does not emphasize any particular form of religious practice or worship, it seeks to provide support to persons motivated by spiritual values. The program has awarded grants to persons with a wide range of beliefs, practices, and philosophies. However, preference will be given to those who can satisfy high scholastic requirements as well as demonstrate a deep commitment and understanding of Beads on One String vision.

Terms of acceptance:

Preference shall be given to those scholarship applicants who, in written narratives and personal interviews, demonstrate:
  • Clearly stated values and devotion to a spiritual cause
  • An interest in pursing a life long formal devotion to a spiritual tradition
  • Previous experience and study of world religion, philosophy, and mysticism.
  • Calling to dedicate oneself in service to humanity


The number of grants and scholarships will be determined based on a recommendation from the Scholarship Committee and voted effective by the board of directors. The amount for each scholarship and grant will be determined based on a recommendation from the Scholarship Committee and voted effective by the board of directors.


At the end of a scholarship term, individuals seeking to continue receiving an annual grant or scholarship will need to complete a renewal application form. This form will then be reviewed and approved by the scholarship committee. One or more members of the Scholarship committee will be responsible for overseeing and assessing each individual recipient to ensure they are in compliance with the terms of the scholarship or grant that is provided. The supervisor committee members will report to the board of directors regarding recipient compliance at annually and quarterly meetings.