The mission of the Beads on One String Foundation is to explore the unity of all life and the Oneness that lies at the heart of all. It is inspired by the 1932 message of Avatar Meher Baba when He said,

I am not come to establish any cult, society or organization; nor even to establish a new religion. The religion that I shall give teaches the Knowledge of the One behind the many. The book that I shall make people read is the book of the heart that holds the key to the mystery of life. I shall bring about a happy blending of the head and the heart. I shall revitalize all religions and cults, and bring them together like beads on one string.”  – Meher Baba (From the Introduction to God Speaks 2nd edition).        

Don Stevens, the founder of Beads on One String Foundation, was a close disciple of Meher Baba. Don believed that Meher Baba’s revivification of the vitality of the existing world religions was a very important aspect of His avataric work and established the Beads on One String Foundation to bring people together to explore the universal truth of oneness. After the first India Pilgrimage in 2004 to spiritual sites of different religions, Don realized that they were closely connected to Meher Baba’s 1932 Message. Upon this understanding the ‘Beads on One String Project’ was born. In Don’s words, The unity of religious faiths is the principle that clearly underlies the entire Beads project.“ Don Stevens (From Journey to the Source, p.6).

To fulfill this intention, pilgrimage to sacred sites of various religions was one of the first endeavors offered by the Beads project. Pilgrimage invites an opportunity to actively engage in the search for oneness, to learn about the traditions of different religions, and to share this search for universal truth with others. The goal of a Beads pilgrimage is to support our inner journey and offer an opportunity for companionship on the voyage.

Pilgrimages that the Beads on One String Foundation has offered include the 2004 journey to sacred sites in India and again in 2006, 2009 and 2010. These pilgrimages visited the Islamic Sufi Dargah of Moinuddiun Chisti in Ajmer, the Jain Dilwara Temples in Mount Abu, the Buddhist and Hindu Kailash Temple at Ellora, the fort of the great Hindu warrior king Shivaji, the Manonash Cave near Hyderabad, as well as the Tomb of Avatar Meher Baba in Meherabad, India.

The Beads Foundation has offered other pilgrimages. In 2006 Don 

Stevens was inspired to extend the Beads on One String Pilgrimage Project to include significant spiritual and cultural sites in Europe, representing Christian, Jewish and Muslim religions. Don and the group of companions first met in Paris, journeyed on to Marseille, then Assisi and Portofino in Italy before traveling onward to Avila, then Granada and Cordoba in Spain.

Collectively, over 120 persons have participated in these journeys.

More pilgrimages will be offered in the future. Where and when is unknown but we do know that they will be an adventure in the spiritual journey which will offer those who participate the opportunity to dive deeply into their search for truth. All are invited. Come join us.

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