A Beads On One String Pilgrimage is a journey with the key intention of enabling people to directly experience the energy present at the great sites of pilgrimage and devotion throughout the world. We are drawn together by the conviction that the unity of all life can be experienced in every religious and sacred tradition. The pilgrimage journey is much more than a classic sightseeing tour and is filled with a variety of experiences both mundane and dramatic.

A Beads pilgrimage provides a vehicle for reappraisal of established traditions and of the pilgrims themselves in the company of others who approach these sites with open hearts. One of the goals is to foster companionship among persons of different faiths and philosophies in an effort to replace age-old strife and dissension with mutual respect and veneration.

Past Pilgrimages have taken seekers throughout India covering thousands of miles visiting Islamic, Buddhist, Jain and Sufi temples and mosques including Ellora with their Jain, Buddhist and Hindu Temples; Ajmer where the shrine of Moinuddin Chisti lies; and Dilwara, a magnificent Jain temple complex in Rajasthan. Pilgrimages have also visited sites in the American Heartland and Europe including visits to the heart of the Christian and Islamic traditions as represented by Avila, Cordoba, Granada, Assisi and others. Future trips will include the Mediterranean Basin, Middle – East and further trips in the Americas.