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Circle of Companions Event

Weaving Threads of Truth

Please join us for a transformative journey July 19-21 at the Beloved Archives in Princeton, New Jersey. Our theme this year will explore where ancient wisdom meets the curiosity of our daily lives. Join us for a three-day immersion into the profound teachings of Buddhism, Vedanta, Sufism, and Christianity, as we uncover the timeless truths that unite humanity across cultures and traditions.

July 19-21, 2024

Circle of Companions Event

Searching for New Paradigms in Spiritual Relationship

Please join Beads on One String Foundation for a day of Searching for New Paradigms in Spiritual Relationship

Saturday, July 29, 2023 

Circle of Companions Event

2022 Circle of Companion Gathering

Please join us for an exploration of the natural world in the boundless beauty of the Silver Falls State Park just outside of Portland, Oregon. We intend to plunge into the depths of our spiritual lives through experimentation and resonance with the divine manifestations of the natural world.

October 7-9, 2022

Virtual Event

A Tribute to Don E. Stevens

A virtual tribute to the founder of the Beads on One String Foundation. 

What is a tribute? How do we best remember our dear companion, Don Stevens, and celebrate his life? Can we attempt to embody his innumerable qualities as we tell the stories of our relationship with him?

Virtual Event

Envisaging the Future ~ Now

The Beads on One String Foundation invites you to join us in a conversation to ask questions and creatively work toward envisaging a new, harmonious way of living with the natural world and each other.

Special Event

The Red Road: A Native American Path of Oneness

In the summer of 2020, The Beads on One String Foundation met TJ Ravenwolff, an Athabaskan and Muscogee Creek Native American from Alaska. He serves as the Intercessor for the Alaska Medicine Song Sundance, a sacred Native tradition, and is a culture bearer and intercessor in the Lakota Tradition. The Beads Foundation was able to give TJ a grant which allowed him to attend and help lead the sacred Sundance ceremony on the Lakota tribal land in South Dakota that summer.

Circle of Companions Event

Intuition: Sacred and Secular

Our topic of exploration this year is intuition, and its place in sacred traditions as well as daily life. The gathering will explore Meher Baba’s words on intuition and the integration of intuition in other traditions through large and small group discussions, music, and experiential activities.