Intuition: Sacred and Secular

The Beads on One String Foundation invites you to participate in this year’s Circle of Companions event, Friday, October 11-13, at Miramar Retreat Center in Duxbury, MA


Our topic of exploration this year is intuition, and its place in sacred traditions as well as daily life. The gathering will explore Meher Baba’s words on intuition and the integration of intuition in other traditions through large and small group discussions, music, and experiential activities.

This journey will be informed by four aspects of intuition:

  • What is intuition?
  • Intuition and the spiritual path.
  • Intuition in daily life.
  • The truing* of intuition and the awareness of coloring*.
    * ”Truing” is a self-correction process that helps continuously align our choices with our deepest values.
    * “Coloring” is a term used to define the distortions that may affect the intuition as it enters the aspirant’s awareness.

We will explore these questions from several viewpoints: Vedanta, Meher Baba, and Sufism, which will be used as springboards to give participants the opportunity to deepen their individual understanding of intuition and its effects in life, both sacred and secular. In exploration, equal respect and openness is given to each path, as well as recognition of the richness that each person brings from within.

Within the weekend, on Saturday, October 12, we have invited guests who will share our exploration in a daylong event. Swami Tyagananda, leader of the Vedanta Society of Boston and Hindu chaplain at MIT and Harvard, will share the Vedanta understanding of intuition, and musical guest, Ignacio Bejar, from Malaga, Spain will share with us his Sufi experience. Ignacio’s beautiful music can be sampled here:

On Sunday, October 13, we will return to the intimacy of the Circle of Companions to integrate our experiences through music and discussion.
(Note- the book Meher Baba’s Gift of Intuition, Fifteen Essays by Don Stevens and Companions is a great resource on this subject.)

What you need to know:
For the weekend- arrive Friday, October 11, 3:00 PM for registration and room assignment. Depart Sunday, October 13, after lunch.

Saturday’s daylong event, October 12- 9:30AM for registration of day visitors. Event begins at 10:00AM and ends at 5:00PM. For companions who cannot attend the full weekend, you are welcome to come to the daylong event and feel free to invite guests or friends to participate. A separate registration form for the daylong event will follow.

Miramar Retreat Center’s address is: 121 Parks Street, Duxbury, MA 02331, located on Kingston Bay, 35 miles south of Boston, 5 miles north of Plymouth. Their website has very clear directions for all modes of transportation.

Costs: In its efforts to be more self-sustaining, the Beads Foundation asks each weekend participant for a contribution of one half of their room and meals expenses. Double room- $110, per person, single room- $155. This contribution will cover meals and room from Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.

Saturday, October 12, 10:00-5:00PM. Based on the charges from the Miramar Retreat Center, the cost for the day event is $35 and $25 for students, which includes lunch and use of the grounds.

For more information, please contact: Linda Blouin at

We hope you can join us. If so, please complete the registration form below.