DES Scholarship


Scholarship originally initiated by the founder of Beads on One String Foundation-Don E. Stevens.

DES Scholarships are granted for a year, with funds distributed quarterly. Recipients are those individuals who are living an active life in creatively exploring and implementing ways and understandings inspired by the mission statement of the Beads on One String Foundation. Minimum length of project is 1 year.


Applications are open to those wishing to explore the following areas:

  • Spiritual Work / Study: Assist individuals who seek to volunteer full time at a monastery, ashram, church, mosque, temple or place dedicated to spiritual or religious devotion who are doing so consistent with the goals described in the Beads on One String mission statement.
  • Spiritual Pilgrimage: Assist individuals seeking to plan, participate and share in a Religious or Spiritual pilgrimage to holy sites within the intent of the Beads on One String mission statement.
  • Education: Secular, religious, or spiritual education consistent with Beads on One String mission statement.
  • Service to Humanity: Support for individuals creatively expressing the vision statement of Beads on One String in practical ways in order to bring deeper values into everyday life.


The number and amounts of scholarships will be determined based on a recommendation from the Scholarship Committee and voted effective by the board of directors. Funds are distributed in quarterly payments over the course of a year.


At the end of a scholarship term, individuals seeking to continue receiving an annual grant or scholarship will need to complete a renewal application form. This form will then be reviewed and approved by the scholarship committee.


One or more members of the Scholarship committee will be responsible for overseeing and assessing each individual recipient to ensure they are in compliance with the terms of the scholarship or grant that is provided. This supervising committee members will report to the board of directors regarding recipient compliance at annual and quarterly meetings.