Awakening the Heart

The Beads on One String Foundation is sponsoring the Awakening the Heart workshop in Silverton, Oregon, October 26-28, 2018. We invite you to join us at the Silver Falls Lodge for two and a half days of exploration and unfoldment.

Awakening is not the realization of something new but the discovery or uncovering of what is always within us. This awareness is of the presence of what we might call our essential nature, our higher self, the Divine. Awakening is a gradual progression from sleep to real consciousness a dawning of awareness that marks our deeper spiritual experiences.

The workshop includes small and large group activities and is designed to awaken that true self within. From Friday evening singing and recitation of sacred Sufi poetry, through the heart meditations, dancing of universal peace, and Qi Gong at the waterfalls, we intend to offer a combination of activities that affect the body, mind, and spirit and offer the opportunity for participants to develop connection and companionship with the spirit of others. These activities include:

  • The harmonics of Song and Mystical Poetry
  • Qi Gong: Accessing Spirit through Body
  • Awakening the Spirit through the Pen and Creative Expression
  • Accessing Inner Wisdom through Heart Meditation
  • Healing Soul and Body through Sacred Sound
  • Awakening the Heart in Circle Dance


Friday afternoon and evening

Explore the theme of Oneness through song and mystical poetry – Theresa Koon, vocal coach and music composer

Saturday Morning

Begin the day with Qi Gong – Nick Young, certified martial arts trainer.

Heart meditation – “Awaken the Heart: Open the Path to Your True Self” – Fiona Moore, interfaith minister and personal coach.

Saturday Afternoon

Awaken the Spirit through the Pen and Creative expression – Steve Slemenda, retired Chemeketa Community College professorand Jean Wilson, MSW

Healing Soul and Body through Sacred Sound – Michelle Hebert, PhD. Wellbeing strategist at University of British Columbia

Saturday Evening

Universal Dance of Peace – Stephen Pierce, music and dance instructor.

Sunday Morning

Awaken with Qi Gong – Nick Young

Heart Meditation – “Embrace your true self in daily life” and closing – Fiona Moore