The Mill Retreat-France

12th – 14th October 2018

Meher Baba with Companions during the New Life, India, 1949

The New Life, one of the most enigmatic and least understood phases of Meher Baba’s Advent, has as one of its core statements The Song of the New Life*.

This beautifully phrased and revolutionary challenge to anyone embarking on the spiritual path will be central to our October Beads gathering in France.
We will begin by focusing and exploring, together and in small groups, this New Life and its Song.

To prepare for this we ask each of you to look at and bring with you a verse or phrase that resonates, inspires and challenges you within daily life to develop questions, rather than answers, and to also look at connections within varying spiritual traditions.

Companionship with God and each other is central to The New Life, it is also integral to the evolution of the Beads on One String project. With reference to the first two paragraphs in Baba’s Last Message on the Alphabet Board, we will all explore the meaning, role and personal experiences that spiritual companionship can offer; through group discussions, circle time, dance, song and other inspiring and inner-linking activities, in the natural and beautiful surroundings of The Mill Retreat.

Ignacio Bejer, a Sufi musician from Malaga, Spain will be joining us in France to play and share his ‘Music for Oneness’.

One of the key elements of the Beads is the opportunity for companionship. This is a pioneering structure which is non-hierarchical and not dependent on experts. In bringing together spiritual seekers of various paths to explore the thread of Truth and Oneness which strings all religions together, a central theme emerges: the importance of companionship on the spiritual journey.

*Song of the New Life-


Companions in the Garden