Ignacio Bejar

There are some quotes attributed to Buddha that I particularly resonate  with : “We are what we think. All that we are arises from our thoughts . With our thoughts we make the world ”

There is no doubt that we are creative beings , and we are constantly invoking and co-creating the reality in which we live , yet we need to become aware of this, and usually do not take responsibility for our thoughts, words, feelings and actions that consistently are sowing the seeds of a reality in which we coexist .

In Genesis it says that “man was created in the image and likeness of God” , this statement has always caught my attention and I came from a young age to the idea that God can not have our limited appearance, which is a dense form in order to function in the third dimension of this planet . Even then God had the intuition and confidence to let us participate in an aspect which brings us close to God : it is the ability to create, and that conviction has led me to devote myself to music and spiritual and inner work , proving that since consciousness is possible to meet dreams and , to a greater or lesser extent, bring Heaven to earth. But to plant those seeds of Light we have to till and fertilize our soul , healing our wounds , watering it with love and preparing for that inner alchemy to occur , to bring out what is latent within us , our true self which is the divine.

The art in general and music in particular are ways to invoke these more subtle realities , which is why all cultures and in all known stages of humanity it has been used as a way to connect with the spiritual world with the sacred, something that certainly connects us with God and brings back memories of Paradise Lost , a greater harmony and beauty that our soul yearns desperately for. It needs this nourishment which is even more important than food for the body . In fact disconnecting from this highest reality is the source of many diseases and the many ills that humanity suffers today.

In Sufism working with this concept , it is said, that the human being is a channel between heaven and earth, a being endowed with a consciousness that , as told in both the Bible and the Koran , can connect with the vibration of the dense , or can connect with the most finest matter, where  even angels cannot reach .

Actually all matter has vibration , whether we call it music or just the ordinary reality.

On my way to the music and Sufism I found these two symbols that said, one is the ney , an instrument I play since thirteen years. It has told me many secrets , also it is used to start the ceremonies of SEMA , or turn of the dervishes , symbolizing the divine breath that creates the manifested, and represents the epitome of the perfect human being , because it is a humble reed that has been emptied of the knots of the self( nefs ) and for that reason is a perfect channel that offers no resistance to the divine breath .

Moreover SEMA, or turn of derviches is a ritual in which the dancers revolve like planets and atoms , from the right to the left, in the direction of the heart, with the right hand extended to heaven , receiving the divine blessing , with the left hand down to share that blessing with the earth and humanity , so that the heart is the bridge to attract this grace . Thus the dervish becomes an instrument of peace and harmony channeling this divinity to humanity. Also the dervish dances with a  tendura or shroud , symbolizing that the ego has died and he has become  a simple channel of Light.

That is the same principle used in Oriental Music Therapy , which is an ancient technique that was used in the hospitals of Al- Andalus , heir of knowledge of Pythagoras, and promoted by the hakim or sages of antiquity as a form of medicine. Like herbs and alchemical preparations , it was a technique using different scales or makams, as it is called in the Orient , which served to create different moods, and would influence different organs or body parts.  By improvising with these scales it was possible to bring peace and harmony which opened the various blockings the patient may have , suffering from mental , emotional or spiritual disconnection . The key of the music  will be the channel to bring this vibration about , thus becoming a bridge, between the divine and man.

Ultimately we are all channels , whether we realize it or not , the issue is to decide which channel we bring to this reality. I often think that we are TVs that connect to different frequencies and each brings different programs or realities , and each should be able to choose which one you want to tune .

I think the Source , from which everything comes, provides us with everything that we are ready to materialize , the Divine is infinite abundance , but if we tune into a program of scarcity or limitation that is what we will have in our lives. Another issue is whether the program you have chosen is inspired or is caught up in the environment , society, the media , or in our  limiting concepts , etc. . But that is the real work , to unveil consciousness. As the Gospel says “Seek the Truth and it will set you free .” By being constantly attentive we can regain our freedom and manifest a better world, led by our unconsciousness we are slaves.

God constantly blesses us with life and infinite gifts , we are free to open our eyes to see and enjoy or not wanting to see and let these gifts pass . It is ultimately our responsibility.