Years ago now, this bird came to me and brought me joy. It may have been in a dream or in a vision. It flew down carrying a message of hope and brightness. The little bird carries blessings, surrounded by Symbols of Unity in Diversity; ‘Beads on One String’( the One Love ) in rainbow chakra colours….the beads on a common thread of love throughout…a promise of things to come.

I just remember getting a sudden impulse to get out my paints and pastels and he emerged very quickly. Strong, swift and joyful. And reassuring somehow.….it arrived just before I heard about Peace Mala, on a Buddhist retreat on Dartmoor, where I met a woman, a Christian lay preacher, wearing a beautiful Peace Mala bracelet on her wrist-l loved it immediately!

I then contacted Pam Evans, founder of the Peace Mala Project and soon after I bought malas to give to many of my friends.
Pam is a total powerhouse of energy and focus, very strong and the connection between Beads on One String, Peace Mala and Meher Baba seems so clear!

Heart To Heart

He has no need of forms or objects
rites or rituals
for all He asks for is our hearts, our love
we sit with Him in us
we give Him flowers
from His own creation
we sit with Him in us
words do not reach Him
He does not need our praise or worship
He only asks for love, our love
we make the simple complicated
why put things in the way
when we can sit with Him
just heart to heart?

Jan Coutu

Poem and image from ‘Fragments of Light’, Jan Coutu, 2018

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