Film & Media

Beads on One String sponsors, organizes, and participates in the production of film, media, and visual arts projects aimed at revitalizing public understanding of various expressions of human thought and practice such as religion, spirituality, philosophy, and social movements, by presenting modern day examples of outstanding individuals and organizations dedicated to the Truth of unity in all life.

In 2009 Beads-on-One-String produced its first film, which documents the experiences of 50 people on pilgrimage to a fantastic collection of holy sites in India. The film touches on themes such as: The problem of religion, exoteric and esoteric aspects of spiritual traditions, the transformative effect of pilgrimage and Companionship, the role of change and newness on the spiritual path, and the ego and how it affects the way people relate and interpret spirituality.

Current and future projects are focused around collaborating with spiritual leaders, philosophers, artists, research institutions and global leaders in an effort to produce a library of timely and concise content on essential issues. Interviews, lectures, presentations, and editorials will be made freely available via our website. To become involved, purchase DVDs, and view current news, visit our Film Website