Saturday, October 12, 9:30AM-5PM at the Miramar Retreat Center, Duxbury, MA

The Beads on One String Foundation is sponsoring a daylong exploration of intuition, a vital element of the spiritual path. This journey will be informed by four aspects of intuition:

  • What is intuition?
  • Intuition and the spiritual path.
  • Intuition in daily life.
  • The truing* of intuition and the awareness of coloring*.
    * ”Truing” is a self-correction process that helps continuously align our choices with our deepest values.
    * “Coloring” is a term used to define the distortions that may affect the intuition as it enters the aspirant’s awareness.

We will explore these questions from several viewpoints, Vedanta, Meher Baba, and Sufism, which will be used as springboards to give the participants the opportunity to deepen their individual understanding of intuition and its effects in life both sacred and secular. Swami Tyagananda, leader of the Vedanta Society of Boston and Hindu chaplain at MIT and Harvard, will share the Vedanta understanding of intuition, and musical guest, Ignacio Bejar, from Malaga, Spain will share with us his Sufi experience. In exploration, equal respect and openness is given to each path, as well as recognition of the richness that each person brings from within.

Through exchanges of information, experiential activities, and beautiful Sufi music, it is our hope that each participant will find new ways to access the intuition of their heart – that latent wisdom in each of us which we have carried since the moment of creation.

Cost: $35, includes lunch (preferences within registration), and the use of the Miramar grounds for that day.
We offer a $10 discount for students= $25
We hope to hear from you soon and see you on October 12 for this wonderful event.