Several years ago I was asked to be the chairperson of the Beads on One String Foundation, a group dedicated to the understanding that all life is united in the truth of Oneness. The search for this unity comprises the inner journey of the self, and Beads projects offer spiritual seekers experiences which encourage this inward exploration. The work of the Foundation connects people from all religions, backgrounds, and cultures in its creative endeavors to find the Truth within. Guided by our vision statement*, this work is one of asking questions and involves a willingness to experiment with new ideas, embrace uncertainty, and learn from experience whether the results fulfill our expectations, or not. With that as our deeply held value, throughout the world the Beads Foundation implements workshops, seminars, pilgrimages, small group experiences and scholarships for spiritual workers.

Although each project is distinct, similar themes weave them together. One theme is the relationship between the devotee and God. Is it possible to create a new kind of relationship with God that is direct between the individual and the Divine? What devotional creativity does the individual bring to that relationship and how can that be expressed? What are the roles of harmony, beauty, and love? How does companionship affect the inner journey? To answer these questions Beads projects embrace a multitude of activities. These include personal sharing, music, dance, meditation, pilgrimage to holy sites, and silence circles.

Beads endeavors focus on the inner journey of the soul because we believe that it is the inner journey which can provide the real meaning of life. While that journey is unique to each person, it is enriched by the companionship of others who also seek the truth of unity, and it is the mission of the Beads Foundation to provide opportunities for that shared search. We are not spiritual teachers. We are explorers wanting to share that search for Oneness with other seekers.

As we embrace all traditions, we welcome you to participate in our work. We have volunteer opportunities on our current project, the workshop “Love and Fana” scheduled for October 2016. We appreciate others’ ideas and encourage you to share yours with us, that together we might create new projects. If you are interested please contact me at By working together we can share the inner search and perhaps experience the joy, harmony, and love to be found there.