I recently sent a message to many people I work with and all residents where I live, in total about 50 + people. In this message I introduced the mission statement of the Beads Foundation.  I asked if people could spare a moment and give me a spontaneous response they have to the concept and idea of ‘unity of all life’ and what activities they think about when wanting to understand, experience and creatively express the ‘oneness that lies at the heart of all’.  I asked for anonymous contributions of as little as 3 words or 3 sentences.

The responses I received seemed to reflect my personal thought about how one might experiences oneness by connecting with others in small ways, i.e. a meal, or taking a walk in nature and in doing so experience a sharing of communal space. Going to the cinema also gives me a feeling of collective sharing.

I believe within art and music we can find an essence of expression that speaks a universal language felt on many levels. Nature and the natural world interconnect in ways that show acceptance and express a universal ego.

Below are the responses. I encourage you to make this enquiry where you work or live. Even if people don’t respond, they think about the idea of ‘oneness and unity’. Send us yours.

David Lee

The concept of unity of life means that we are all connected to each other and all creation. I find that my daily meditation helps me to get to a place of love and potential in which there is no separate identity. I can find this space when dancing, listening to music or reading poetry.

Spiritual, Interdependent and Universal

Sacred sexuality

My Art (putting together ideas in a creative way / writing that then impacts others)

Connect with people in a meaningful way (all sorts of things – little/ every day things and big things )

Allow my ‘woundedness’ to be and have that accepted by others

Emotional expression particularly crying where others get it, allow it but don’t over intrude on it


Experience of loneliness

Ehm I’m not 100% sure if I am giving you an intelligent answer. However, activities which would assist in attempting to grasp the oneness are: funerals, demonstrations, collective rituals (Eg Carnival and other traditional festivals).

I have to profess an eerie silence when I entertain this idea. Is there a oneness that lies at the heart of it all? I’m not sure there is but if I was pressed I would probably conjure up walking in one of the temperate rain forests on the north west pacific coast surrounded by vast and ancient trees, or staring up at the sky on a welsh headland in the black of night

To be open to all experience whether it be filled with joy, filled with sadness or mundane.
To cuddle my baby, to think about the daughter I lost, and to talk and laugh with family and friends.

Interconnectedness… we are not separate, why do we act like it!